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I'm using parks50, probably not getting a full-length soak (2-5 minutes), and judging temperature by decalescence. document.write(''); Alloy Steel Heat Treating. Tempered Spring Steel … I also measured the hardness of each. 1095 isconsidered slightly “fussier” about heat treating than say 1080 or 5160. I don’t know much about the history of the steel but the marketing literature says, “voestalpine Precision Strip AB has long experience and were the pioneers of both the high carbon (UHB 26C3) and the martensitic stainless steel (UHB AEB-L) razor strip grades” [1]. Once wrapped place in the furnace and heat to 1450F. 1 Machinery's Handbook, 18th Edition, 1970, Industrial Press (Color text the same from 5th to 20th Editions with exception of the addition of Light blue at 640°F). 20002200. if (document.getElementById("tester") != undefined) Engineering Forum I've seen unfinished knives with nice blue temper colour along the spine, heading down towards the edge is a purple leading into a brown to grey and full hardness on the cutting edge. This often is considered to be <10% for most applications (nonstabilized) and <3% (stabilized) for superprecision applications. There are a lot of folks tempering 1084 at 375F-425F and having successful blades. I'll have to check, but I think an hour at 275F will get you close to 63 RC for tempering. Blue Blade Steel offers the highest quality high carbon steel AISI/SAE 1045, 1050, 1055, 1060, 1070, 1074, 1075, 1080, 1085, 1090, 1095 … A 300°F temper led to over 65 Rc and also provided decent toughness. Heat Treatment Hardness vs Temperature Table Chart. Tempering: Normally water hardening steels need be single tempered only. WT(705)– Water quenched, tempered at 705°C for 1 hour. }, Engineering Materials TYPICAL ANALYSIS: C .90/1.04 Mn .30/.50 P .025 max. Excel App. Concerning tempering temps for 1095, I use the information found here. How to Temper Steel: Introduction:Tempering is a type of heat treatment for iron-carbon alloys. Engineering Videos Yes, I know I could get close and good enough with tempering colors, but I've got a heat treat oven and will be using it. Air cool to room temperature between tempers. Hardening . You could "interpolate" 1040 and 1050 for 1045. There are two different heats of 26C3 currently available from Alpha Knife Supply depending on thickness. In general I think the hardness values look reasonable, however.


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