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At Fortune City, we welcome new writers to add to our site.
We are looking for intelligent guest writers here at Fortune City to contribute to our site.
As a contributor, we will offer plenty of challenges and a great writing experience.
You can also improve your writing skills with the aid of our experienced and professional editors.
As a guest contributor, you’ll get to talk to a new and bigger audience in our community.
We reach readers from all over the world so your work might be ready by millions of people.

Start Contributing to Our Website Today
Topics from guest writers that can stimulate great discussions will benefit us and our readers.
Our audience will also appreciate reading on different topics written in different styles.
Reaching out to a new audience can also be a positive experience for an established writer.
Guest Contributors Expectations
Start first by going through the content already on the site to get a feel of the style and to avoid writing similar content.
We’re looking for unpublished content that is original, informative and exclusive to us.
Plagiarism will not be accepted so remember to do proper referencing.
If you wish to publish the content on your own site, you should first seek permission from Fortune City.
All rules to do with spelling, punctuation and grammar should be observed.
You should also include tags (words that are commonly used to search for such content).
Titles should be catchy and informative and relevant content should be near the beginning.
Guest posts range from 500 – 1500 words; relevant links and images are welcome.
Visual content such as photos has been seen to increase engagement from readers of Fortune City.
If you wish to be a guest writer, reach out to us.
This will be a good opportunity to talk to a lot of people around the world.
Send an email to Fortune City on info@www.fortunecity.co.uk to become a contributor.

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