The Return of Culture Night Expected to Pull In Record Numbers

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With the biggest cultural event of Belfast set to make a return as per its annual calendar, organisers expect to see record numbers in visitors to the nine year old event that is Culture Night. The event is promising more than 300 different entertainment options for the pleasure of the visitors who are projected to show up in numbers that exceed 100,000 individuals as compared to the record set last year where 85,000 people were in attendance.

Kerry Rooney from Culture Night promises a celebration that exceeds expectations in every aspect. There will be more events taking place, in a wider geographical area and with many more people in attendance. Everything about Culture Night 2017 will be bigger and better. The 2017 Culture Night festivities will be taking place from the Belfast City Hall doors to the offices of the Belfast Harbour Commissioner. Venues that will host the event include Belfast Harbour, Big Fish, Bank Square and City Hall. There will be more than 300 entertainment options and more than 100,000 visitors in attendance.

The variety of events is going to ensure that every single person who attends can find something that they will thoroughly enjoy regardless of their age or preferences. Roller Derby, visual art, wrestling and opera are a small sample of the events that will be taking place. To get full details of what will be on offer during Culture Night 2017, visit and find out what venues will be having the specific events that you prefer and the full list of events that will take place on that night and their locations.

The impact of the Belfast Culture Night festival is not only a night of entertainment but a significant opportunity for the people and business community to build the profile of their city as a tourism, hospitality and cultural destination. According to Belfast Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister, this is an opportunity for Belfast to showcase its rich and vibrant potential for growth as a centre of culture and also as advertise itself as a leading tourist destination.

The celebrations are also a big boost to the aspirations of Belfast city which along Strabane District Council and Derby City seek to become the European Capital of Culture 2023.

Londonderry will also be hosting Culture Night along Belfast and this is further proof of the growing stature and popularity of the event. Plans are also on and finalised for other smaller but significant cultural and entertainment events that will be taking place in the same month. Fountain Street will be hosting the Mob and Street Party and there will also be the Bowie and Queen “Singalonga” by the Big Belfast Choir.

For the people of Belfast, supporting Culture Night is a must as it is bound to bring with it numerous economic and social benefits. The business community could also do well to fully participate in and support this annual event as it presents an excellent opportunity for the growth of the city.


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