Leeds Culture Strategy & The South Bank

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The beginning was choosing to be European Capital of Culture in 2023, concentrating on two things: the year 2023, and culture.

Did it point the edge of inquiries, like what culture? After the choice to offer, culture and 2023 were utilized for nearly everything. This expanded Leed´s discussion of culture and the future, conveying the confidence, negativity and disarray anticipated from clustered ideas. Commotion may act as a sound model since anyone who recalls when Hans Peter Kuhn’s establishment was exchanged underneath Neville Street railroad will affirm — however it won’t guarantee the Capital of Culture or fun things to do amid the designation procedure.

Clarifying why LCC attempts to make a Cultural Strategy for 2017-2030: acquir㏌g clearness on the city’s qualities and aims; reforming beginning and finishing stages; providing instruments to develop socially, for the next 1 ½ decade, regardless of succeeding or not.

The technique we settled upon was to depict how the Culture Strategy will be utilized, which is this way: as a manual for any noteworthy future advancement, occasion or undertaking that happens in Leeds.

Say there’s a plan to fabricate another auditorium in Leeds; that is got the opportunity to be checked against the Culture Strategy, to check whether it’s something Leeds needs or needs, and how it ought to be produced with the goal that it’s an advantage for the general population, and supplements what Leeds as of now has. Or then again for another illustration, take the South Bank. It was formerly and still is Holbeck and Hunslet, LS11 and LS10, the territories only south of the Aire that, since significant industry and railroads moved out, have felt detached from the customary downtown area — what few individuals in Leeds yet call the North Bank — and from the private groups that gave the workforce there: Wortley, Holbeck, Hunslet, East End Park.

On the off chance that everything proposed for the South Bank falls off, focal Leeds will twofold in physical size and offices will increment with it; so it would do well to be ideal for Leeds since that is a considerable measure to get wrong on the off chance that it isn’t. The thought is that, as those plans progress toward becoming establishments, dividers and rooftops amongst now and 2030, that at all times need to allude to and demonstrate that what they’re doing backings and adds to the points and qualities set out in the city’s Culture Strategy which will be one of the ways the town will attempt to guarantee it develops in a way that upgrades what individuals adore about living, working and playing in Leeds as of now, and in a way that matches the desire Leeds individuals have for their city, so love can increment.

In the interim, we took this idea to four Leeds-based artisans, and got some information about the South Bank, the Culture Strategy, and their lives in Leeds, and answer us through the medium they know best.


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