What to know of the plans for vehicle emissions charges in Leeds Clean Air Zone(CAZ).

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The city council unveiled plans on charging vehicles to drive into Leeds.

Price to pay to enter CAZ?

The plan is a charge every day for vehicles that do not meet the CAZ standards excluding private motorists. Buses/coaches will be charged £100 a day, HGVs £100 a day and taxis £12.50 per day.

Vehicles that will be affected by the charges:

Only cars that do not comply with the standard of Euro VI for diesel vehicles and Euro IV for petrol vehicles.

Leeds Council said they would look into how they can influence the change from a taxi and private fleets to ULEV but not Wheelchair taxis and private hire cars to secure services for special users.

The locations that will be under the CAZ are Morley and areas within Outer Ring Road except for areas like Pudsey, Horsforth and Rothwell.

And concerning companies and residents?

A spokesman said Leeds City Council(LCC) would build the final report to include the concerns of these companies so that they can be put into consideration.

How much is the CAZ costing LCC?

The price will not be decided until the plan is put underway.

Will the government provide funds?

Yes, £400 million for groundwork on electric vehicles was included in the Autumn Budget.

How will funds be used?

A spokesman said CAZ shouldn’t be used as income and the price should be enough for catering requirements of the project such as enabling people to purchase cars that comply with the CAZ. The surplus will be used to better the air quality.

CAZ will be completed in due time after the project is handed to the government.

Total cars in Leeds?

500 trucks and more than 4000 Private Hire wheels. 86{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} diesel, 6{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} petrol and 8{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} electric hybrid and gas/biofuel.

Is Leeds the pioneer of CAZ?

A spokesman said Leeds would give results to better services in the city. London started a septic charge before Ultra Low Emission Zone. Oxford City Council is advising on effecting a ULEZ.”

Why start the CAZ?

LCC said the other option would have been to use a CAZ D ORR which would have caused severe consequences and unfairness to Leeds´ underprivileged society.

Will private cars be debited in prospective years?

LCC has designed the project not to charge private vehicles to reduce impingements in the society.

What about emergency services?

Emergency services use specific vehicles, making it difficult to alter them. Hence they are not being charged.

Will LCC’s cars be debited?

Fees apply to every car that doesn’t fit the requirements.

Will there be donations to aid companies to buy new cars?

There are government donations that will be used to execute the change in motor vehicles including; OLEV Workplace Grant and for buying EVs costing £4,500. The CAZ will lengthen the duration of cars since less money is required to manage it.


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