Millfield Culture will be celebrated by the creation of a New festival.

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At New England Rec, is where Millfield Arts Festival will have its first showcasing, and the people in charge wish to remodel the area as a place whereby the residents can have fun and enjoy. Millfield location in Peterborough will expect a lot of individuals to meet up and come together to celebrate arts, design, music and cuisines.

People do not have to pay any fee to participate in the celebration, and it´ll be held on August 27 from 3 pm with dancing, drama and drumming on the main stage from acts including Bhangra Beat, Nutkhut and The Lloyd Watson Band, being part of the planned programme.

Star DJ Jaz, who is from the area, will grace the stage.

There will be a wide variety of dishes given to the participants in the area including an array from food architect and celeb chef Damian Wawrzyniak of House of Feasts.

Damian and his colleagues will be providing Grochowka, a Polish Navy Soup produced in an original Grochowka Cooking Machine.

Simon Hollingworth, the festival’s creative producer, said: “The entire Lincoln Road area has an extraordinary atmosphere, such a mix of cultures and creativity, and this unique festival is a fascinating way of showcasing part of the talent, ideas and traditions that are all around. We encourage everyone to come along and see what it’s all about. There will be a lot to see and do and taste, and we can promise quite a spectacular finale too.”

The end is planned to be a craze performance by renowned pyrotechnic artists External Combustion.

Also, the organisers in Peterborough are in conjunction with Bhangra Beat to provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in free drumming workshops for all ages and abilities.

On August 25 and August 26, there´ll be two classes free to the public at the Open Door Baptist Church and on the festival site.

More information can be accessed on the Peterborough Presents Facebook page.


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