Plymouth will tomorrow have a silent disco in the sea

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A unique event will be taking place tomorrow in Plymouth, where 100 people will be attending a disco in the sea, something that is being seen as a boundary pushing event.

On 23rd September between 1.30pm and 2.30pm, Tidal Pool at Devils Point hold a disco , which is all part of the activities expected to be at the Plymouth Art Weekender.

The event, dubbed Bethnic Caress will only have 100 people inside the Tidal Pool which is part of a one hour participatory performance piece.

The artist in charge of the event, Laura Denning said that the idea comes from her involvement with eco-acoustics , which focuses on making sounds from nature.

Laura was keen on enhancing the relationship that people have with the sea . She also intends to create awareness of the threat to the sea through climate change and pollution and the silent disco came as an ideal way doing this.

During the Plymouth Art Weekender held last year, Laura made a live art performance in which she had wild swimmers diving off the Hoe and had interactions with the underwater webcam in Plymouth sound. The video captured in this performance was aired live on big screens in the city centre.

In this year’s Plymouth Art Weekender, Laura is looking for artists and performers who will have their music sounds played in the 100 participants headphones for the silent disco.

The experience intends to allow the participants ‘discover and at the same time celebrate the wide diversity of life within the sea( or mourn the threats of marine life).

Those who are lucky to be the 100 participants will get an up close engagement through sound and music, with marine life in the ocean.


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