Factory of a firm that has operated in Plymouth for three decades is set to shut down

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A sealing technology firm that is among the leading firms in the world is moving to the North. A vibrant global manufacturing firm, James Walker Moorflex will be moving its operations from its current place in Roborough to its branch in Yorkshire. The move is expected to be this December.

Its branch in Bingley, West Yorkshire will be absorbing 23 of its current members of staff. For those who do not want to make the move to the new location, they will be given “outplacement support” so as to look for other jobs.

The director of gaskets and metal machining at the firm, Mr. Henri Hakkarainen said that the firm had faced challenging environment for operations because of the stiff competition within the gasket industry. This has led to the firm making a decision to be more responsive and ensure that they have efficient operations.

There were consultations between James Walker Moorflex and the 23 members of staff, which recently came to a close. The talks were held in their satellite manufacturing site in Plymouth and some of the issues discussed included the closure of the facility and the subsequent move of operations to Bingley in Yorkshire, which is its gasket manufacturing site.

Mr. Henri also stated that this move is meant to reduce the complications and enhance the supply chain to the customer, increase their business power as well as reduce the operation costs at Bingley which will in turn ensure that James Walker Moorflex has long term stability and sustainability in the gasket industry.

This is a very difficult period for the company and more so the members of staff involved and the decision may have caused some individual employees to be uncertain about their future at the firm.

The employees have been given two options, either an outplacement support to get them alternate employment or move with the firm to Bingley.

James Walker Moorflex has many business activities ranging from research and development, manufacture and supply, product application, plant monitoring, maintenance of site and seal renovation.

The city will suffer the loss of such a successful business, which had high-tech skills in materials technology and especially those to do with elastomers, composites, engineering plastics and polymers.

The firm has a global family of companies and has grown to have 11 production, engineering, distribution and customer support services in the UK and also has continental presence throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, South Africa and USA.

End of December 2017 will see the end of production operations at Plymouth.


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