The nine top restaurants in Derbyshire – according to TripAdvisor

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Among the best nine restaurants are the Stones restaurant at Matlock; The Lighthouse Restaurant in Ashbourne area; and Darleys in Derby

There is a variety of great restaurants in Derbyshire to suit all occasions, budgets and tastes. Every month or so a brand new restaurant opens, which provides an opportunity for every person to discover their perfect place to go to.

Here are top nine restaurants in Derbyshire according to TripAdvisor:

1)Located in Boylestone, The Lighthouse Restaurant

The Lighthouse Restaurant was opened in 2010 and has over 400 reviews, and the number keeps rising, with 97{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} of them with 4 or 5 stars. So, it is no wonder that the Lighthouse Restaurant is on the top spot on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is located on New Road, Boylestone, near Ashbourne.

2) Located in Matlock, Stones Restaurant

Stones Restaurant is a family run business which has over 700 reviews, and 97{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} of those are very good or excellent. The restaurant is trendy between the couples, tourists and local folks with a goal to be a ‘perfect choice’ for business, family or romantic occasions.

3) Located in Darley Abbey, Darleys Restaurant

Third place belongs to Darleys Restaurant with more than 800 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor where 86{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} of review are very good or excellent. The restaurant offers lunch, dinner vegetarian and seven-course tasting menus. Darleys Restaurant provides relaxed and stylish atmosphere and is located near the famous Darley Abbey Mills.

4) Located at Baslow Hall, Fischer’s

It is no wonder that Fischer’s restaurant is among the TripAdvisor’s top 9 restaurants as it the only Michelin-starred restaurant since October 2016 in Derbyshire. The eatery offers lunch and dinner menus and is a part of a boutique country house hotel.

5) Located in Morley Hayes, Dovecote Restaurant

The Dovecote Restaurant is a perfect choice if you desire wonderful views over the Morley Hayes golf course with the possibility of afternoon tea or champagne breakfast. For lunch, the restaurant offers a set menu, every evening there is an a la carte dinner menu, from Monday to Friday a daily dinner special is offered, and there is a traditional Sunday luncheon. It is a great place for business, family or romantic events and occasions.

6) Located in Derby, Blacksmith’s Loft

Blacksmith’s Loft is a restaurant with over 700 reviews, and 85{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} of those are very good or excellent. The restaurant offers the chance to its customers to “experience fine rustic dining in historical surroundings”. The restaurant is located in Blacksmith’s Yard, Sadler Gate.

7) Located in Derby, Masa

The Masa restaurant can be found inside a converted chapel, and it offers “traditional comfort superbly matched with the deliciously-prepared” cuisine. For lunch and supper, from Monday to Saturday, it offers an a la carte menu, together with a seven-course, around-the-world menu to offer “a taste of Masa”.

8) Located in Melbourne, Bay Tree Restaurant

The Bay Tree Restaurant offers “relaxed and sophisticated surroundings” to their customers along with a menu that takes traditional British meals to a whole new level. Furthermore, the restaurant organises special events, like Indian or French-themed evenings.

9) Located at Rowsley, The Peacock

The Peacock is a restaurant with over 200 reviews, and 88{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} of those are very good or excellent. The diner Sunday lunch menu is favourite among the local folks. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the restaurant offers the tasting menus.


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