Here’s how you can help Derby City Council raise vital funds for local charities

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They made partnership with Crowd funder to help ease the constraints on public sector financing

Derby City Council agreed to match public contributions as high as £60,000 in a new project with a goal to provide support to local community organisations and charities.

Derby Council and Crowd funder UK created ‘Crowd funder Derby’ trying to find the solution for constraints being placed on public sector financing.

Their goal is to raise much-needed money with the help of the public for some essential causes in Derby’s local communities and to encourage everyone to come up with new ideas for their charitable projects.

Councillor Amo Raju, a Cabinet member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said:” Derby’s voluntary sector represents a fundamental role in the life of the town, but the Council’s capacity to provide financial support is limited.”

At present, the Derby Council are trying to improve the awareness for the project which happens to be a part of their more prominent ‘Delivering Differently’ policy.

Councillor Raju added: “We’re thrilled to have made ‘Crowd fund Derby’ a reality. We anticipate it to become a vital source of additional promotion and funding for good local causes which matter to people.”

What is crowd funding?

In short, crowd funding is a way of raising money by the public for a specific cause.

Usually, the organiser of the project will often provide some rewards in return for pledges.

For example, in the past crowd funding projects raised money which was used to create a few movies. Persons who donated cash were rewarded with walk-on roles in the film to signed posters, depending on how much money they have given.

More examples of successful crowd funding projects in the past have included raising needed money for some innovative and possibly life-saving projects like the ‘Desolenator’, which is a movable equipment that creates drinking water from contaminated water.

How do they work?

Crowd funding ventures work by providing persons with a place to ‘sell’ their idea. Persons can try to raise £200 to over £2.5million for their projects and contributors can donate as much as they desire.

How can I help?

Crowd fund Derby’ has already started and awaiting contributions. At the moment there are two projects under its umbrella, a ‘Divine Locale’ project which goal is to raise funds for fresh graduates and emerging artists and there is ‘No Hungry Kid’ project which aims to raise money to feed more than 30 children who are entitled to Free Meals at school during the summer holidays.
Go to ‘Crowd funder Derby’ website if you want to learn more about these projects.

This project has been together with the charity Community Action whose CEO, Kim Harper, excitedly said:” There are some wonderful ideas for community projects in Derby.”

“We can now work together to make these projects come to life to benefit local people and communities.”


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