£230,000 splashed out to get more people swimming in Coventry

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Sport England sponsor initiative to motivate locals to go more to the pools in their vicinity

In Coventry, they gave £230,000 for a plan to have people use their closest pool more often.

Go Swim aims to coax more people who are irregular swimmers, to move them and train in pools all around the city.

Sport England funded organisation which is a partnership between Coventry Sports Foundation, Coventry Sports Trust and Coventry City Council. In next 12 months, they will organise sessions and activities using feedback from residents what is the reason for not using the pools around them.

The Xcel Leisure Centre in Westwood Heath, Centre AT7 on Bell Green Road and Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre on Fairfax Street will be home to all events.

At Centre AT7, it will be made more fun splash events. Also, at all three places will be more pool times at the disposal.

They can count on more Wave Raves, which is family-friendly disco swimming, based on session in the city centre which is a proposal of local people.

CEO of Coventry Sports Foundation, Mr Paul Breed, told that Go Swim programme is a project which the main goal is to motivate people to use more frequently local pool.

He said: “Events will be for everyone regardless of age, and there will be all kind of activities where the whole family can make fun in the pool.”

“We want to convince people that with our offer of many new and unconventional classes, they can be in better and healthy shape.”

“This will be a very active swimming year in Coventry, leading to the opening of the brand new swimming pool at the Alan Higgs Centre.”
Events are suitable for everyone.

“This great project will build to the opening of a 50-metre pool at the Alan Higgs Centre and the water park in the city centre”, said councillor Kamran Caa, member of Coventry City Council cabinet, in charge of public health and sport and chair of the Coventry Health and Wellbeing Board.

“Thanks to the Go Swim programme, this will be an excellent year for swimming in Coventry. At the same time, we provide many events for people who already use swimming sessions and for people who don’t use swimming to improve their wellbeing or fitness.”

“This programme is for everybody, no matter old or young, professional or amateur.”

Lisa O’Keefe, Sport England’s director of insight, told that they make a lot of exploring to be sure they offer people in Coventry what they want and need with development of the Swim Local projects.

They aim to enable everybody to experience the benefits of swimming and would like that local community take advantage of new swimming opportunities in their vicinity.


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