Pascere, Brighton

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Brighton has not yet gotten its first ever Michelin star, but it is getting closer to attaining this due to the recent up rise in top-notch dining. Can it take advantage of the most recent competitor who is situated in an ideal place?

The most recent addition to Brighton and Hove’s fine dining aspect has a vantage location between the lively and revelling on the West street and the shops and hubs on the Lanes. This position ensures that tourists and the locals will pass by the area during the months of summer.

The chances of shoppers and revellers having a meal in Pascere are high because of the terrace tables that are set in an appealing design on the outside as well as the inside that has an inviting ambience. You may experience some cold season in the coast of Sussex, but that does not dampen the business attitude of the owner, Amanda Menahem. This is her first restaurant and it is becoming famous in the region and is steadily gaining its clientele.

An intimate atmosphere is created in the downstairs seating area with warm lighting, dark teal décor and relaxed seating arrangement. The upstairs has a similar atmosphere, but with an open plan kitchen where you get to see the head chef, Johnny Stanford in action.

There are several menus available from Pascere all day, from small plates, lunch and dinners as well as tasting menus. They also made a prudent decision to present straight-up alternatives to a trendy tasting menu. According to Menahem, almost all their diners prefer to order from the a la carte menu.

To start off, butternut cracker canapés served with squash remoulade. In the menu also is stout-filled and onion filled bread balls which are usually small in size, which would otherwise make it difficult not to get filled up on bread alone.

The trick is in the detail given to the food in preparation. Surprises are set in every meal and you are left guessing what to expect next. An example is the delicious whipped butter topped with pungent black salt and sweet muscovado which you would not imagine to be a good combination, but the surprise is on you!

The Portland crab tart served with shellfish bisque mousse will give you

On top of springing the trend a bit with a la carte menus, Stanford sometimes gets out of step with the über alles that are available locally which are common in the region. As much as he works with the local suppliers, he has no problem sourcing for the best produce in the further areas of UK, even though he acknowledges that not everyone will be happy with this decision.

The other meal is the paean to peas with oft-undervalued legume, which is a three-way meal raw, semi-cooked and the light aerated custard. A must try for our next meal is the pan-fried stone bass fillet with a firm and meaty inside and yet a blackened top served with trompette mushrooms and seaweed which has a oceany taste.

A simple yet exotic indulgence is the warm buttermilk sponge with honeycomb, milk-skin crisp ice-cream and honey is as delicious and mouth bursting as the ingredients suggests.

The presentation is impeccable. Stanford uses his imagination, creativity and free spirit and you really get to enjoy watching him at work.

Pascere has a wide range of wine selection which can be ordered by the glass. Each of the glassware is curated to bring out the finesse of each wine.

In a city that is hyped with activities, Pascere is a nice getaway. A quiet haven that provides for intimacy, relaxation as well as a ‘great location for passing trade’.


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