Central Bedfordshire – ideally positioned for business

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Central Bedfordshire is perfectly positioned within the UK. Just 30 minutes north of London and in the centre of the Cambridge to Oxford innovation corridor, the area is also seeing key infrastructure investment counting the East-West Rail link and Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

Central Beds can also boast of its proximity to major airports and the budding, accomplished and flexible workforce on offer.

The area has an urban and rural selection of industrial and commercial sites and developments across local transport paths.

Central Bedfordshire is a fast-growing area of the country and there are thousands of new homes and occupations planned.

Across the area there are a range of strategic development locations and Central Bedfordshire Council has made businesses high priority and is ready to enable investment.

Of the 12,645 businesses based in Central Bedfordshire, 99.6{4fdb5acd4891bace33ada2338e55dfcfb4968d3d0c3ddd4319d06b6e16894e20} are SMEs so the Council are experts in getting you the support you need.

The specialised council website www.becentralbedfordshire.co.uk has the info you need to grow your business. Ideal for business owners like Andy Collinson who used the provision to transfer his business from London to Central Bedfordshire.

Former bartender Andy formed Ace Bar Events Ltd in 2008 in the capital, and organises high end private and corporate events for high net worth clients.

In 2011 Andy and his family moves an hour’s drive north of London to Dunstable, in Central Beds, where he built his business.

Andy’s family found property prices in Dunstable to be highly competitive and he loved the atmosphere of the area.

He was approached by fruit puree and syrups producer ODK in 2013 to import and sell their products. He sold a pallet to the West End and the business has blossomed from there.

In need of additional space, he viewed a sign for commercial property units to let in the Houghton Regis area and made contact with the local council.

Andy said: “Central Beds has a very caring attitude and was very helpful in making sure that the property was suitable for my business needs. I needed a mezzanine floor and the council made sure that could happen.

“I would recommend that people looking for commercial properties try their council first. Their motives are not just to fill space but to make sure businesses succeed.”

Following the move into the property in Houghton Regis, near Dunstable town centre, in Bedfordshire, Andy has shaped industrious business associations with other residents on the Townsend Industrial Estate.

Andy currently has a team of five workers and is looking to generate additional jobs in and around Bedfordshire as the business expands.

His medium-term strategies include the option of taking more commercial space in Central Bedfordshire. He said: “I definitely want to stay in the Dunstable area and work with the council on apprenticeships, property issues and the possibility of holding World Flair Association events in the county.”

Want to know more? Contact the Be Central Bedfordshire team on +44 (0)300 300 8272, info@becentralbedfordshire.co.uk or visit www.becentralbedfordshire.co.uk.


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